Letters to: My college professor


Letters to: is a column dedicated to emulating the thoughts of Chico State students. Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

Dear Professors :

I made a note in my agenda to visit your office hours during the first week of the semester, to introduce myself and tell you how I wish to succeed in your class, but I most likely forgot to follow through and actually visit you because I have other priorities. Sorry, college life.

You already know, the only time I will be visiting you during office hours is at the end of the semester to ask for any extra credit, even though you made it very clear on the syllabus that you do not offer any.

I wonder if you will ever know me on a first name basis. Not because I have one of the top grades in your class or because of my well-written blackboard discussion posts, but because of all of the times I come walking into your class five minutes late with my iced coffee.

Thank you for making attendance not mandatory, and posting the lecture powerpoints on Blackboard. Now I won’t feel obligated to show up to class all the time, only expect me and the majority of the class to be magically present on exam days.

With that being said, I do feel the slightest amount of guilt for not showing up because it is to my benefit to participate in class and it is my money I am wasting. However, I would much rather sleep in till noon than sit through your yawn-inducing lecture.

I am going to come crying to you about my C+ and beg you if there is any way you could round me up to a B-. You are probably going to tell me “this is not high school, kid.” I can already hear you say “I do not give grades, you earn them.” I am still trying to figure out how college works, give me a break. It always seemed to work out for me in high school, but college is apparently the real world and I have to take full responsibility for all my actions.

I would never imagine myself to be thankful for homework assignments until I enrolled in your class. Because let’s be honest, I would barely be passing this class if all the points earned were directly from exams and quizzes.

Thank you for your great service and for giving me the tools I need to learn and achieve success throughout my college career. You are a real one!

I will never forget, all the times you heavily curved the exam scores or canceled class.

It has been a true pleasure for you to have me in your class for the semester, do not forget that.

I look forward to visiting you during finals week to discuss that extra credit opportunity, be prepared.


A Chico State Student