Dos and don’ts of dealing with national disasters


Tweeting doesn’t help. Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

It’s too common in today’s news to be littered with national disasters, whether it be shootings like in Las Vegas on Sunday night or hurricanes devastating our own and neighboring countries. When all feels hopeless perhaps the only thing we feel we can do to help is post on social media, with sayings such as “Prayers to Las Vegas” and “Praying for Puerto Rico.”

However, let me tell you this. It isn’t working.

Donald Trump is an expert at Tweeting, so are the millions of people on social media who feel helpless in moments of a disaster like this. However, we keep seeing these natural disasters occurring. This isn’t helping anyone.

The truth is that no matter how sad you feel, how obligated you feel to post online, the victims of these tragedies are not reading what you have to say. It’s hard because most of us might feel powerless, not knowing anything else to do other than post online.

When people post online sending their condolences to victims of disasters, what they are really saying is, “Look at me! Look at how good of a person I am. I’ve done all I can do to help.”

The world doesn’t need your tweets, we don’t need your prayers. Praying for these victims, as much as we hope it will, isn’t helping. We need to change our thoughts and prayers into action, into donation, volunteering, whatever we can do to be the change we want to see in the world.

If everyone who tweeted during a disaster donated $1, victims would be able to see that relief and thoughts/prayers in a tangible way that could help them tremendously.

Yes, I know that not everyone in the world has money to donate for relief efforts, but here are some other things we can do instead of doing nothing.

1. – Red Cross has a program where you can donate your time, resources or blood if you can’t donate money.

2. – This site has petitions that, although might not do as much as we like, will do more than posting online.

3. – Calling your senator is a right that we should all take advantage of. We control what we want to happen, and if enough people act, we can convince anyone of anything.


No matter how good your intentions, please make a better choice and turn your tweets into action, it’s our obligation.

Kendall George can be reached at [email protected] or @Kendallmgeorge on Twitter.