Letter To: My Parents


Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

Dear Parents,

There’s a vivid memory I have from high school that replays in my head every time I get homesick. I got in a fight with mom about who knows what, but all I could clearly remember was crying in my room and telling myself that I can’t wait until I can leave and go to college. You know, to become an adult and live on my own.

I never thought that adulthood would try so hard to bring me down but yet bring me closer to you both.

I’m in my third year of college and I am feeling these waves of such strong sadness that reminds me of home.

I miss you guys. This is the hardest semester yet and it’s only been a couple of months in.

I’m going through all of these issues that are affecting me and it hurts that I can only tell you guys over the phone. I try to stay strong for the both of you because that’s the girl you raised.

I never get a break from school and interning but these both keep me distracted from so much, even from simple things such as eating. I usually have to force myself to eat though because mom always reminds me that I need to be eating healthy and often.

I hope things are well back home. I know that back when I lived with you guys, I often said that holidays weren’t the same because my siblings and I weren’t kids anymore. But ever since things got hectic here and I haven’t found the time to come home as often, holidays have become so important to me. They are the only times I can spend with you guys without worrying about having to leave in the next two days.

I never thought I would get so excited to go home to a place I lived in for about twenty years now. I used to hate that city and now whenever I’m feeling down, sick, or troubled, I immediately think about it.

I’m sure that this wasn’t what you were expecting of me. It’s shocking to me that you guys have become the people I want to be around during my toughest days when before, my toughest days were caused by you guys.

It’s crazy how growing older has brought me closer to you both. I love it, though. I regret not spending more time with you guys when I lived there. At least it reminds me to refrain from taking things for granted.

I may not come home often, respond to your messages immediately or even at all, but there is a safe place in my heart that is reserved for you both.


I wish it was a warm Sunday afternoon and I was spending it with the entire family. I wish I could drop all my obligations to spend a weekend relaxing back home, but I can’t take for granted all that you’ve given me, which is a great education.

Thank you for everything that you guys have done for me. I may not say it or show it often, but the gratitude I have for you guys is eternal. I can’t wait to see you for Thanksgiving.


Love always,

A Wildcat

Rachel Reyes can be reached at [email protected] or @rachhreyes on Twitter.