Corey Silverstrom dominates the hardwood and the gaming world


Silverstrom celebrates with his teammates after winning the NCAA West Region title. Photo credit: Andy Wilhelm

Basketball isn’t Corey Silverstrom’s only aptitude. Silverstrom is also a professional gamer, which is something most people do not know about. Silverstrom, also known as “Legggit,” within the competitive gaming community is a member of Team Vendetta.

Silverstrom and his team have competed in MLG (Major League Gaming) tournaments in places like Anaheim, CA and Orlando, FL and have placed as high as second in an MLG tournament.

“My team, at one time was the second best team in the world,” said Silverstrom.

Silverstrom received his Pro Player Certificate in 2011, and has established himself as a factor for any team he plays on, as well as proving himself in every Call of Duty video game.

As a child growing up in Fresno, CA with his brother and sister, Dan and Amanda; Silverstrom started playing videogames on the grandfather console, the Nintendo 64. Then he got an Xbox and started playing games such as Call of Duty, Halo, and Gears of War.

After playing soccer, football, baseball, tennis, and running track, Silverstrom did not start playing basketball until he attended Bullard High School in Fresno, CA.

He caught onto the game quickly and was a starter on his varsity team for three years. He led the team to three straight league titles and scored 14.6 points per game in his senior season on a team that went 27-3 on the year.

Silverstrom is currently a senior with a major in Organizational Communication and minors in Criminal Justice, and Gender and Sexuality.

At Chico State, Silverstrom (Guard) has earned Second Team All-CCAA (California Collegiate Athletic Association), is second on the Wildcats in scoring, and averages 12.9 points per game.

Silverstrom looks forward to continually play basketball once he graduates.

“I don’t have a plan B. I will be playing professional basketball,” explained Silverstrom.

Now in his senior season, he plans to have his best season yet. Whether he is competing on the hardwood or with a controller in his hand, Silverstrom will always try his hardest to succeed.

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