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SkyCam takes center stage in the NFL

The NFL debuted its SkyCam as the primary camera angle for last Thursday’s prime time game featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans.

The camera view is centered right behind the quarterback. The camera is moved on zip lines above the players on the field while following the football.

The NFL decided to try the new camera angle after its success in an earlier game this season due to weather. The New England Patriots played the Atlanta Falcons on October 22nd in a foggy game.

SkyCam had to be used as the dominant camera angle since the elevated sideline view did not show the game very clear. NBC and the NFL received many positive reviews for the game and decided to feature it as the primary view for a whole game.

The SkyCam offers a different view for the fans and shows a different dimension to the game. Many people compared the SkyCam angle to the popular Madden video game.

“The fans really get to see the passing windows a quarterback sees” said Cris Collinsworth, NBC sports broadcaster.

The different view allows fans to see how plays develop. The fans can see the holes the running back sees along with how the coverage looks to the quarterback.

The prime time game between Steelers and Titans showcased many big plays from the SkyCam that you could see developing. Marcus Mariota’s first quarter interception and Ben Roethlisberger’s deep touchdown pass highlighted the SkyCam perspective.

The other sideline camera view does not show the same perspective that players see on the field. You can see every player with the traditional sideline camera angle. The SkyCam leaves out players lined up outside near the sidelines at times.

The traditional sideline view was used throughout the game as well. As of right now there are not any other games scheduled to use the SkyCam as the primary camera view.

The games will continue to be shown in the traditional sideline view but more SkyCam camera angle games may be used in future games.

It will be hard to imagine if television broadcasts switch to SkyCam being the primary camera angle permanently since the sideline view has been used ever since games were broadcasted.

The SkyCam offers a different perspective for fans and it will be interesting to see if it gets used more often in future broadcasts.

Noah Enns can be reached at [email protected] or @the_orionsports on Twitter.

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