Say not anymore to Not Anymore


Editorial Photo credit: Jaime Munoz

Since we were kids, there has been little to no education about sexual assault and now that we are in college, a one-hour video is supposed to give us all the answers? Not Anymore is not enough.

Not Anymore is an online program aimed at college students to educate them on sexual assault. What is it, how to spot it and how to prevent it are all included in this hour-long program that features videos, quizzes and polls. Throughout college, Chico State students are required to participate in this program yearly in order to register for classes.

However, students who actually take this program seriously is slim and Not Anymore is not the best way to get a real conversation started about sexual assault on campus.

Not Anymore is factual, offers good advice and is well put together. The program not only focuses on hookups but also dating violence, sexual assault in the LGBTQ community and includes accounts from students with disabilities.

This is not to say that the program itself is bad because it’s not. But the program is not the best way to get this information to students and know that they will retain it and critically think about it. It can be argued that Not Anymore is only in place at Chico State because it helps our campus comply with the Title IX laws for federal funding.

There are still a large number of reports coming out about sexual assault and rape culture is still extremely prominent on campus. It is clear that this program is not the solution to ending rape culture and sexual assault. If we are finally ready to get serious about sexual assault, computer programs talking about it should be recognized as not enough.

Incoming students, Greek students and all students should be required to sit down, in person and have an honest, non-judgmental, open conversation about sexual assault. Why it’s seen as natural in college, why students are afraid to come forward and how to change the mindset of the campus to a healthier one.