Bring back the Wildcats roar!


Do you think Chico State should bring back its football team? Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Picture fans in the bleachers cheering for the Wildcats, tailgating and the thrill of football players beating a rival school.

As we all know, Chico State lacks this American pastime, but a football team is exactly what we need for our quiet little town.

Having a football team would change our school for the better. There are a variety of students who chose Chico and have come from high schools who also lacked a football team.

This could bring a new light to those students, especially when attending a college environment. You’re walking into the best experience of your life and a new environment is always good for you.

Chico State is also lacking in school spirit. Admit it, the organizations at Chico State are a great job at bringing some spirit to campus, but organizations are not always for everyone.

Maybe having something to look forward to on the weekend can bring some excitement back to the campus.

Not only that, but it’s something the whole campus and community can come to and enjoy. It’s a quiet, laid-back town, where we don’t find ourselves needing to join anything to fit in but it’s common to see people enjoying nature and a good game of sports. As much as we love the high schoolers and their football games, nothing is more competitive than two university football teams.

“I know in high school I was super into football games and I know a lot of people here complain about us not having a football team and therefore I feel that can bring us together,” said Mayhelm Sanchez, third-year and recreational therapy major. “Plus, even if some people don’t watch football or you don’t really like (it), if you want to hang out with your friends at a football game. It’s like ‘Friday Night Lights.’”

There are also the super fun homecoming weeks, where students and organizations throughout campus create activities to energize and encourage students to attend the homecoming game. Then the tailgates, where many students plan to BBQ, have a good time and listen to some live music.

One of the most important factors in bringing a football team back to Chico State is that it can help our revenues. With students selling food at tailgates, the community purchasing fan gear and people paying for tickets to watch the game, the financial support can even help increase more funds for more programs.

According to Far West Capital, college football teams almost always generate significant revenues and, in some cases, a school’s football program can support funding for other athletic programs that do not make a profit.

I think bringing together a community over a game of football is the best way to share our Chico vibes. We get to socialize with more people through a common interest and even if this sport is not your favorite, it’s always fun to gather with friends and support your university football team. If we had a football team, I’d attend some games and I bet anything that school spirit would skyrocket because we would be closer as a campus and community.

Karen Limones can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter.