The money you should be fighting for


Illustration by Jaime Munoz.

It’s going around campus like gossip, that students can fight a tuition increase from happening. If you haven’t heard by now, then maybe it’s time you get more involved on your own campus. Our tuition is increasing by $228 and that’s a lot of money coming out from some student’s wallets. According to The College Solution, the most alarming increases right now are being felt at state universities. You may be thinking, same old news, what can we do to stop it? The thing is you can make a difference.

The best way to support is by continuing to share your stories. We hear that you’re angry. The Orion has shared your stories and when I say trust me, I mean it. I’m a journalist, our policy is to gather the truth and report the truth. As much as our support system at Chico State wants to help with funding, they can’t. We need the help of everyone and we need it soon. Therefore, our leaders should stand alongside students and fight for sustainable funding on April 4th in Sacramento, according to Students for Quality Education.

For Chico State to fully accomplish something from affecting our campus, students and staff should all come together and fight for it. There is only one way we can try to at least prevent the number from increasing so high. That’s by advocating to our Governor that we need more funding; and taking the time out of the day to share your story, by choosing to take a stand with other students at the Capitol. This will help gain attention and possibly help us distress from having to come up with more funds that we don’t have.

To some, this may not be much coming out of their parent’s wallets. However, for those who are sprouting into the adult world, such as myself, this is another responsibility weighing in on our student’s shoulders.

I encourage all of you, to take the day off and put it into something as meaningful as this. We can’t afford to continue to sit back and watch. If you believe in fair tuition for all students, get involved. Make your voice heard. Join in on the Protest April 4th in Sacramento, there will be free transportation provided.

If you can’t happen to attend, please contact SQE to find out how your story can be heard. Just because you can’t be there, doesn’t mean you can’t help.

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