Party culture does not condone sexual assault micro-aggressions


Photo credit: Roberto Fonseca

Sexual assault is an ongoing issue prevalent on college campuses. The risks that increase these intolerable behaviors include drugs, alcohol and overall poor decisions.

However, it should never be the victim’s fault. No one asks to be taken advantage of, no matter what she is wearing.

What bothers me the most is when the blame is thrown at the victim because of their outfit, makeup or other physical appearance factors.

It is simply ignorant to argue this claim because what about the other side; men should learn to be respectful and handle themselves.

So because she is wearing tight-fitting shorts, you automatically feel entitled to grab her a**? What kind of logic is that and where is the consent?

Sometimes when are you too intoxicated it might not bother you, because your judgments are highly impaired. This is where most sexual assault incidents occur when alcohol is in the mix.

According to Campus Safety, “43% of the sexual victimization incidents involve alcohol consumption by victims and 69% involve alcohol consumption by the perpetrators.”

However, victims should know to always report assaults without the worry of being punished for underage drinking or whatever the situation might be.

To take precautionary measures, you should always try your best to never be in a vulnerable state where situations like this might occur. Always be alert so you are able to have control over yourself.

Any form of sexual assault is serious from being cat-called on the streets to being forced to engage in sexual activities without proper consent, is serious and should not be tolerated.

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