1-16 upset tops March Madness upsets as Villanova takes home National Championship

The 2018 March Madness certainly lived up to its name. The tournament was full of upset wins, many surprises and history being made.

Last time you checked in, March Madness was moving into the Elite Eight which consisted of:

  • No. 1 seed Kansas University and No. 2 seed Duke from the Midwestern conference
  • No. 11 seed Loyola Chicago and No. 9 seed Kansas State from the Southern conference
  • No. 1 seed Villanova and No. 3 seed Texas Tech from the Eastern conference
  • No. 9 seed Florida State and No. 3 seed Michigan from the Western conference

Biggest upset

There was history made during the Sweet Sixteen portion of the tournament when Virginia, the No. 1 seed in the Southern division, lost to No. 16 seed University of Maryland, Baltimore County. It was the first time a No. 16 seed in the men’s division of the tournament had ever won against a No. 1 seed and unfortunately, although Virginia had a near flawless record of 31-3, they will forever be remembered for such an unbelievable upset.

Elite Eight

Duke, an all-time favorite of the tournament, ruined most people’s brackets in a huge upset by losing to Kansas University 85-81.

Villanova played Texas Tech in the Elite Eight and effectively shut Texas Tech out of the Final Four with a win for Villanova 71-59.

Kansas State and Loyola Chicago went head-to-head on the court. Kansas’ offense and defense were no match for the victorious Loyola who moved on to the Final Four with a score of 78-62.

Florida State and Michigan had an intense game that ended with Michigan emerging victorious 58-54, allowing Michigan to move on to Final Four against Loyola Chicago.

Final Four

In a fairytale ending, Loyola Chicago would have liked to make it to the championship. Michigan was not about to let that happen and completely shut Loyola out with a 69-57 win.

Villanova took home the win against Kansas University 95-79 to move to the championship.


Villanova beat Michigan 79-62 and took home the National Championship win for their second time in three years in an upset felt by the nation. Many people were expecting Michigan to be victorious due to their strong defense and tough players.

Michigan came out the gate running and was leading for most of the first half until sophomore Donte DiVincenzo started going off, allowing Villanova to take the lead. The first half ended 37-28 Villanova leading.

Moving into the second half, Villanova played like it was their last game of the season or for some of them their college careers. Pulling up multiple 3-pointers, Villanova shut out Michigan. They ended the game 79-62, becoming only the fourth team in March Madness history to win by double-digits.

As the tournament concludes, it can definitely be said that March 2018 was yet another year of madness in college basketball.

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