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One Mile: A fun day trip in the sun near downtown Chico

A couple walk along the swimming area at Bidwell Park One Mile, April 20. Photo credit: Rachael Bayuk

Located in the heart of Chico in historic Lower Bidwell Park, roughly five minutes from Downtown Chico and Chico State, it is a local favorite.

Unlike hikes that may be snowed over or muddy during certain times of the year, One Mile is a year-round favorite.

David Hines, a Chico State student and Chico native talked about his favorite thing about One Mile. “My favorite thing about One Mile would have to be that no matter what time of year it is, there is always beauty whether it be winter or summer. There are always new adventures to be had.”

From swimming in Sycamore pool, to simply taking a walk in the park, One Mile has so much to offer to the community of Chico. As you drive down Manzanita Avenue you will come across the historic Bidwell Park sign where you can then pull into the designated parking lot to enjoy a calm and relaxing day at One Mile.

The entry sign to One Mile Park Photo credit: Katalina Santamaria

As you enter the park you are welcomed by Sycamore Pool, which quickly becomes a summer sensation as temperatures begin to rise. You can find students studying or catching some sun on the green grass surrounding the pool, to joggers enjoying a nice afternoon run.

Sabrina Yin dips her hand in Big Chico Creek at Bidwell Park, April 20. Photo credit: Rachael Bayuk
Local cyclists Susen Hille and Darlene Henderson went out for a ride in the nice weather at Bidwell Park, April 20. Photo credit: Rachael Bayuk

You are quickly welcomed by the green trees, the sound of the rushing water and people enjoying a nice relaxing day in the park.

Michelle Navarrete is a senior at Chico State from Los Angeles and rejoices how Chico, One Mile, in particular, has been such a safe haven for her to relax and get her mind off things.

“I grew up in the city and wasn’t really much of a nature girl before coming to Chico,” Navarrete said.

She quickly found her way through Chico learning she loved the outdoors more than she thought she ever could.

“I love going for a jog through One Mile rather than going to the gym because sometimes you just need to be outdoors and experience a different scenery. There is something about being outside on a nice day seeing locals here that kind of gives me a feeling of being back home.”

She continued to mention how One Mile is a simple yet fun place to visit when you want to get out and explore Chico.

At One Mile there is something for everyone, particularly those who may not have much interest in long hikes. Lower Bidwell is home to some beautiful scenery and various routes to explore the nature and beauty of One Mile while not having to endure vigorous trails.

Water flows quickly under the pedestrian bridge crossing the small dam in Big Chico Creek at One Mile Recreation Area, April 20. Photo credit: Rachael Bayuk

Some important things to remember:

· Due to its grand size make sure to bring water to stay hydrated especially during those hot Chico summer days. However, don’t be afraid to take advantage of One Mile’s water fountains located near the walking path.

· Don’t forget your sunscreen.

· Bring a bathing suit and/or a towel to lay out on.

· Bring your dog. One Mile is the perfect outdoor spot for your furry loved ones.

Check back next week to find another outdoor adventure in Chico!

Katalina Santamaria can be reached at [email protected] or @katalinaleanet on Twitter.

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