Taking fashion risks builds self-confidence

Self-confidence can be compared to a light bulb. It is not always on, sometimes it dims and eventually you’ll have to change it out. It is perfectly normal to not always feel a hundred percent. Don’t feel bad and wish you could be like –insert ones favorite icon here—because I guarantee you, what is on your Instagram feed isn’t the full truth.

Many people wrestle with the idea of, “what are other people thinking about me.” This is something many people of all ages deal with. Middle school usually starts those feelings off. After all, last year no one worried about the baby hairs on their undeveloped legs, but this year it is the grossest thing known to mankind. Kids can be, and often are, ruthless and the schooling system does not seem to help much either. This time, in ones early developmental life, is exactly where self-doubt starts.

Now, of course, doubting yourself seems much more serious than not feeling like you can pull off a crop top. But is it really any different at all? Wearing a sweater in 100-degree heat because you are embarrassed of your arms is just as damaging to you as not believing you can get a good job. They all stem from the same thing.

Self-confidence can be fostered through self-expression. There is no denying, in my opinion, that how you dress and show yourself to the world affects how you feel. This means that if you see a pair of pants that just make you light up inside; but you didn’t buy them because you were worried how they might look with your body type, you missed out on a bitchin’ pair of pants and a self-confidence boost.

Taking these risks can be terrifying, no one likes thinking that they are standing out in a bad way. But unfortunately, many people are going to pass judgment on you no matter how you are dressed so you may as well wear the outfit that makes you happy. Try something new this week, if you never wear that dress you bought, or you have a cute pair of wild pants, put them on and go out. You will be surprised at how good you feel.

Taking a fashion risk can be rewarding and often results in an uptick in self-confidence. Wear things that make you smile, no matter what anyone says. Follow the trends or don’t. Wear those purple velvet pants even though someone told you they weren’t flattering. Who cares! Fashion is art, and you are the canvas. Decorate your body how you see fit.

Rachael Bayuk can be reached at opinioneditor@theorion.com or @R_Bayuk on Twitter.