Wildcat of the Week- Erin Woods


Caitlyn Young

Senior Erin Woods has returned to the Chico State women’s soccer team for her extra year of eligibility.

Chico State women’s soccer striker Erin Woods has returned for her final season of California College Athletic Association eligibility. Woods graduated in the spring of this year with a bachelor’s in nutrition, but due to a broken ankle she suffered her freshman season, she was forced to redshirt and thus has this season left of eligibility. The 2017 United Soccer Coaches Third Team All-West Region selection leads the team in goals, points and shots on goal. So far the decision to finish her eligibility looks like a good one for her and the Wildcats.

Q: Now that you you’ve played a couple games how do you feel about the team?

A: After playing a few games we’re really excited about how the season is going to go. I think the midfield has finally gotten a rhythm and everything is starting to click. So, it’s getting creative instead of just like mechanical and we’re just really excited to see how it ends up.

Q: What is the best part about playing soccer for you?

A: The best part about playing soccer is just being on a team of like 30 girls and really having that bond over something we love. As well as being active and getting to compete at a collegiate level. It’s really fun.

Q: You could have left after graduating. Why did you choose to come back to finish your eligibility? 

A: I choose to come back after graduating this year just because I’m not done with this team. I have one more semester left and I really want to finish strong. I feel like I have more potential and can do better this year.

Q: What legacy do you think you’ve left behind?

A: We have a really strong leadership program in our Chico State women’s soccer team. Every year a coach recruits players that try and better the team in a character aspect not just a soccer aspect. And I’ve been a part of the program for four years now, this will be my fifth. So, I feel like I left a strong imprint in that group. Hopefully people remember me as a leader.

Q: Is there a plan to play soccer after college?

A: I do have a plan to play soccer after college. I am currently talking to a few schools in England and I’m looking to pursue a masters in either public health or nutrition. As well as playing a final year.

Q: What life lessons has soccer taught you?

A: I’ve learned a lot from soccer. I think battling adversity, how to you know, when the going gets tough how to keep going. I think showing responsibility and accountability for your teammates and just being a good person overall. I think karma is true so if you’re working hard things will pay off.

Q: Who is your idol? Is it a soccer player? 

A: I don’t have very many idols. I think of a true role model to myself is my grandfather. Who always was just honorable and impeccable with his word. But on the soccer field I do have role models and the big stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. My favorite player is Gareth Bale.

Q: Besides soccer do you have an interesting talent or hobby? 

A: Yeah, my dad immigrated here from Ireland and I used to Irish dance competitively as a child. So I competed in feises for 5 years.

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