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Nipples are the knobs to sex’s door

Is it cold in here?

The female nipple has been sexualized to the point of censorship. Female nipples are touched, kissed and stimulated by tongues. This is considered normal and pleasing behavior. So why are male nipples not equally allowed the pleasures of touch?

Male nipples aren’t sexualized. Most men don’t think about them as anything more than the buds to their pecks, or the flesh they show when swimming. But who’s to say they can’t be more?

In a study published way back in 2006, by the International Society for Sexual Medicine. Stimulation play with the nipple caused or enhanced sexual arousal in approximately 82 percent of young women and 52 percent in young men. While only 7-8 percent on both sides reported nipple play decreased their arousal.

Nipple play is so closely associated with women’s breasts that, for some people, it can be hard to consider men receiving the same kind of attention. However, just a quick search will bring up hundreds of male nipple arousal porn clips.

Why is this fantasy so underground? Something deemed so weird that the near mention makes people giggle uncomfortably. Perhaps, it’s a fear of seeming feminine or it simply diverts from the typically discussed desires of men.

Whatever the societal hang up is, it should go away. Men should feel comfortable discussing their desires. They aren’t all robots who walk around only in search of blow jobs.

But, if you don’t discuss your wants, your partner will never know how to please you to the full extent.

Chico State Sophomore Nicholas Morales believes that nipple play is common on women, but, seems a little weird on men.

“I don’t think a girl would naturally do that to a guy. So I think a guy would have to ask for it.” Morales said.

But, Morales also said it was something someone should just try on their partner.

“It would be a little weird at first, but, you know, if its just one on one, you know, oh well.”

While nipple licking and stimulation on a male might seem weird, it definitely seems like something to give a try. If you or your partner aren’t into it, that is okay too. Try something else new. Exploration can be so much fun when you trust someone.

You may even find that something you were really nervous about is your new favorite move.

Keep it fresh and don’t let stigmas or worries enter the bedroom.

Use this discussion as a pathway to bring up other things. Sexual desires and fantasies are normal. Men have them too and they aren’t just the stereotypes that come to mind. Have these important talks with your partner. Without open dialogue, they will be leaving you wanting something only you knew you wanted.

Rachael Bayuk can be reached at [email protected] or @BayukRachael on Twitter.

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