Podcast: We can’t wait for the return of “Red Dead Redemption”


“Red Dead Redemption” set a new standard and we can’t wait for the sequel on Oct. 26. Image from Rockstar Games.

“Red Dead Redemption II” is on the horizon with a release date set for Oct. 26. What better time to reminisce about the quality and legacy of the first game? This week we got together to talk about what made “RDR” so memorable and enduring. We also go over the various reasons why we’re so excited about the highly anticipated sequel. Stay tuned for the entire team to play and review this game sequel.

0:34 History of playing the first game
2:24 “RDR” as a quality game
7:51 Why this raised the bar for Western games
12:59 The new game’s relationship to the original
18:07 Hopes for the sequel
23:10 Thoughts on small details
25:54 Possible cutscene changes
32:34 Art and character work
36:50 Online gameplay
42:20 Gameplay styles – how do we binge games as reviewers?
49:38 Closing: high hopes for the sequel

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