Halloween crime, multiple shootings and public intoxication

Halloween crime, multiple shootings and public intoxication

University Police

Call Type: Assist other agency

Friday 12:54 a.m., Lassen Hall Dormitory

A subject was transported to a medical facility due to intoxication.


Call Type: Suspicious subject

Friday 1:42 p.m., Kendall Hall

A male subject was aggressively asking for candy. The subject had left Kendall Hall and was not found.


Call Type: Theft

Friday 4:31 p.m., University Stadium

Five to six backpacks were taken from the stadium within the hour.


Call Type: Assist other agency

Sunday 12:45 a.m., Acker Gym

Officers initiated activity after a shooting that left one male adult victim with non-life threatening injuries. The subject was transported to a regional hospital for treatment. Suspects fled the scene in a dark-colored sedan before officers arrived on the crime scene.


Call Type: Field contact

Sunday 3:04 a.m., Bell Memorial Union

Officer initiated contact with a subject laying on the floor. An arrest was made for public intoxication. Subject was released to medical personnel.

Chico Police Department


Call Type: Party complaint

Sunday, 12:41 a.m., 1100 Hobart Street

Subjects were playing loud music, occupying the street and lighting fireworks.


Call Type: Suspicious subject

Sunday, 9:17 p.m., Forest Avenue

Subject with shopping car asked the reporting party if she had any heroin for him. After stating that she did not have any heroin, the subject walked toward Winco and told the reporting party he was going to steal a bottle of vodka.


Call Type: Suspicious circumstance

Friday 11:55 p.m., West 2nd Avenue

A large group of people were reported jumping on top of a car.


Call Type: Robbery

Saturday 2:11 a.m., 500 Pomona Avenue

Victim was assaulted and struck in the head by a group of males.


Call Type: Shots fired

Saturday 6:55 p.m., West Sacramento Avenue

Multiple parties reported hearing at least two shots fired. One reporting party stated that it sounded like a shotgun and that they had saw the flash from the gun.


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