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The new hype: Eyebrow threading

Name the single most important vanity feature with the potential to change your facial structure. You guessed it: eyebrows.

Through thick and thin, the beauty of brows continues to be a popular trend. With the influence of social media, beauty tips overflow feeds with new styles to try, but there is one in particular that everyone needs to know. The new hype: eyebrow threading.

Eyebrow threading is a simple and quick method to remove unwanted hair using a single piece of thread. It gives perfectly shaped brows in a matter of minutes. Avoid the hassle of waxing and tweezing. The last thing you want is to look like your eighth-grade self with a bad case of brows.

So, ladies and gents, allow me to explain why eyebrow threading is the best option:

It is the safest form of hair removal

The eye area is extremely sensitive. Therefore, your number one goal should be to avoid any type of damage. Threading is 100 percent natural. It does not contain harsh or artificial chemicals you may find in wax. It also reduces the risk of burns from waxing if the practitioner fails to apply it correctly.

It prevents ingrown hairs

We all know how painful this can be (at least I do). Unlike tweezing, which can sometimes cause ingrown hairs, threading pulls the hair follicle from its root. If you are someone who is prone to breakout after waxing, threading practitioners offer a cooling gel to ease the potential outbreak or irritation. Or if you are like me, restrain from using tweezers all around because you may pinch your skin and cause a boo boo.

It gives brow precision

Threading is the key to a perfect arch. It allows great precision for brow shaping because of its linear hair removal technique, leaving behind a sharp and clean arch. This is difficult to achieve with methods like waxing because applying it too close to the brow may leave you with bald spots. That’s a huge, no no. This also makes threading efficient for peach fuzz that is often left behind.

It saves money

Although this is hard to believe, threading actually saves money. Crazy, right? As a college student, I am fully aware of the financial hardships that may keep you from feeling your best. In other words, feeling beautiful. Fun fact: threading lasts longer than waxing. It lasts an estimated two to three weeks. This means fewer visits, less pay and more money still in your pocket.

So there you have it. Embrace the brow. No more pain or tears. Toss the tweezers and let go of the tacky wax.

Janette Estrada can be reached at [email protected] or @Jane_11e on Twitter

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  • O

    Orion Come On // Feb 14, 2019 at 11:12 am

    its 2019 we all know what eyebrow threading is…. not new.