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College relationships? Don’t do it.

Do not do it.

Do not fall in love in college.

Do not let your “friends” convince you to go out on a Tuesday night for cheap alcohol and introduce you to a “cute friend.”

Not to say love is non-existent, but in college? Please.

At the peak of alcohol-induced bravery, it’s likely they will ask for your number. Do not give in. Do not listen to your friends who chant you to “just do it” or give you the thumbs up.

Treat your phone number like your social security number. Don’t just give it out to those who forward the same date invitation to five others.

Want to go on a real date? Wait until they are sober enough to ask you properly. Avoid the mixed signals that leave you to wonder what it is about this person that makes you think you are missing out on something.

Do not let “love” rob you from real quality time. If Friday nights are usually for wine and face masks with your clique, do not ditch out for “Netflix and chill.” Waking up the next morning to pictures of your friend’s fun night playing dress up will leave you wishing you had been there.

Why do we feel we need to move so fast? Do not bring them back to your place the second time you hang out.

Chico State student Saul Reyes shares his insight on college relationships.

“I think college relationships are much more of a commitment than people realize because you are here for one reason, obviously: your education,” he said. “Once you got your degree and you’re done with school, that is when your life really starts. You kinda go your own ways and at that point do you stay with your relationship or no?”

College is all about socializing. Why restrain yourself from enjoying the peak years of your youth? Quit breaking your head over someone who will leave after they graduate or will not take you seriously.

Students in college are not into formality. You may spend five out of seven days with someone, sleepover, party together, practically live together and STILL not be considered a “thing.”

When it is time to graduate, do not beg them to stay. You have reached the deadline. Do not make personal sacrifices to work out a long-distance relationship.

Another Chico State student, Monserrat Barriga, offers her insight on the topic.

“Relationships in college are kind of complicated because you are in that stage where you want to either focus all your attention and time on a relationship or on your goals in life and your career,” she said.

Do not make your life revolve around someone else. Planning ahead for a false future should be the least of your worries. Hate to tell you, but life almost never goes the way we plan; especially when there is someone else hopping onto your bandwagon. Do not lose yourself or your sanity.

Please avoid an episodical saga of rage and misery where your only relief from heartache is booze and hookups.

Do not fall in love college.


Janette Estrada can be reached at [email protected] or @Jane_11e on Twitter.

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