Wildcat students enjoy intramural sports


After a defensive steal, Marcus Rehrman charges down the court toward the basket with the defender, Peter Koenen, closely guarding during a scrimmage game on March 4, 2019. Photo credit: Olyvia Simpson

Intramural sports here at Chico State have been one of the many things that this school takes pride in. In a fun, structured environment students enrolled in six or more units can sign up for any team sport, regardless of experience or athletic skill.

During the fall semester, the sports being offered include basketball (5-on-5 recently replaced 3-on-3), flag football, indoor and outdoor soccer, inner tube water polo, ping pong, swimming, tennis and volleyball.

Within each sport, there are different divisions including men’s, women’s, coed, fraternity and sorority. Within the men’s and coed leagues, there are two brackets, gold and recreational.

The gold bracket is for players who are somewhat advanced in their skill level and who are looking for a more competitive atmosphere. The recreational bracket is designed for individuals who have some previous experience and skill in team sports but are looking to improve their athletic performance while having tons of fun.

Team sports are a great way to get students involved on campus and meet others with similar interests. The Chico State Intramural Sports Program is designed for the enjoyment of the entire campus community. Anyone can come cheer on their favorite sport or favorite team in a relaxed, yet also energetic environment.

“It’s a great opportunity for students who were athletes in high school who aren’t on a Division II sports team at Chico State to be apart of a team and experience teamwork,” Gamma Phi Beta Sorority flag football player Rachel Stuckey said.

Getting in shape and working on one’s fitness is another reason that draws individuals to the intramural league. With college life and what it entails, students want to form healthy habits and stay in shape as much as one college student can.

“The feeling of being sore after a practice where you push yourself and work your hardest is very rewarding,” Stuckey said.

Intramural sports offer just another outlet to put oneself out there and do something fun with other students looking to do the same thing.

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