Christopher Colla represents Chico proudly in home tournament


Christopher Colla is currently a senior on the men’s golf team. Photo courtesy of Chico State Sports Information.

Following a one of a kind performance in Chico’s hosting tournament at Butte Creek Country Club, Chistopher Colla has taken reign over the conference being named California Collegiate Athletic Association golfer of the week. It was a moment he saw coming before the start of the season. Colla, along with the rest of his team were hungry to put on a show on their home golf course finishing second overall as a squad.

“I knew my game fits the golf course and if I stayed patient, I’d have a chance at the end of the tournament,” Colla said.

The returning senior, all the way from Wisconsin, put up a score among the lowest in the tournament’s history shooting 8 shots below par. He finished the tournament with a 3 stroke lead and never trailed any other golfer in the two-day event. As a fourth year at Chico State, Colla knows the ins and outs of the course like the back of his hand.

“Obviously it feel good, but I knew I had the most experience out of everyone in the field. I just had to stay out of my own way,” Colla said.

Colla had been feeling satisfied with his game the past few weeks, and had the will to put up a strong act. The extra hours put in the course poised him for the opportunity.

“I’ve been putting well lately, so just being able to make one or two more a round makes a big difference,” Colla said.

His opening round was one to remember for years to come, scoring a 67 to launch the day. He found a zone to operate in from the jump with full confidence in his stroke. From there, his focus was to secure his lead by staying solid the rest of the contest.

Christopher Colla 1 opt.jpg
Christopher Colla was named California Collegiate Athletic Association's golfer of the week. Photo courtesy of Chico State Sports Information.

“I made four birdies in a row in the first round, but other than that, I was just pretty consistent,” Colla said.

To come out on top among 76 other competitors, Colla just had to remain true to the game plan he prepared for the week, consistency.

“All week it was to play to the middle of the greens and make a bunch of pars, and hopefully sneak a birdie here or there,” Colla said.

Being all the way from the midwest in Wisconsin came with a limited supply of traveling and family time. Fortunately Colla’s mother made the trip to Chico to see her son play and was not expecting such a significant moment.

“It’s always nice just to have somebody out there watching,” Colla said. “And to be able to win in front of her was pretty special. … She was probably more nervous than I was, but she was really happy.”

Colla plans on having more victories and moments as sweet as this one in the future.

“I just have to believe in myself and try to put myself in position to win as often as possible,” Colla said.

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