Paradise residential cleanup nearly complete


PG&E crews working on moving electrical lines underground on Black Olive Drive, near the Paradise Fire Department, in Paradise, California. Photo credit: Angel Ortega

The removal of debris from residential properties in Paradise is expected to be completed by the end of this November, clearing the way for rebuilding neighborhoods.

Susan Hartman, the community development director for the town of Paradise, said that all the properties that are expected to be finished by the end of the month are ones processed through a state government program.

“There were two options for property owners: you could sign up to have the state-sponsored program where all you paid was anything you designated for debris removal in your homeowner’s policy, or if you didn’t have coverage, you didn’t pay anything,” Hartman said. “Otherwise, if you wanted to use your own money to pay for a private contractor to do clean up, you could go through an alternative program and do a private cleanup.”

Of the 10,893 residential properties that were being cleaned through the state-sponsored program, only 15 properties need to be cleaned as of Oct. 22.

When a parcel, or property, is cleaned with all debris removed, the owners can then apply for a rebuild application through the Town of Paradise.

According to Hartman, Paradise has received 416 rebuild applications and of those 416 applications, Paradise has approved, 277 applications.

“They have full permission to get started on construction in the field,” Hartman said. “And (those numbers) far surpasses any estimate we thought we’d hit within (this) time frame.”

Of the 277 applications that were approved by Paradise, nine houses have finished rebuilding with residents living in them, according to Hartman.

Hartman did not have numbers or information regarding the cleanup or rebuilding progress of commercial buildings and properties in Chico.

According to Hartman, PG&E has decided to move electrical services underground in Paradise.

PG&E staff in Paradise Town Hall, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that PG&E will be moving electrical lines in Paradise underground and that lines in Magalia will be moved underground through a private contractor.

According to PG&E staff, the project should be completed in five years under current conditions.

“Constraints can come up in the future, delaying the project,” a PG&E staff worker in Paradise said.

PG&E Media Inquiries have not returned our call in regard to further comment on the PG&E underground electrical line project in Paradise.

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