How effective are campus emails

Veronica De La Cruz

You’ve got mail.

Readers are probably familiar with the student announcement emails that Chico State sends out every Tuesday and Thursday, but how many students actually take the time to open and read them?

I will admit, there has been plenty of times, I didn’t bother reading through them, and just sent them to my trash folder.

Although they’re useful as they inform students about upcoming events and job opportunities, they don’t seem to be an effective way of reaching out to the University.

I think, that something as simple as changing the titles or adding illustrations to these emails could attract more student readers.

Furthermore, if the different sections were separated into individual emails, this might make it easier for readers to find the type of information they’re looking for. Rather than having readers go through a long list of items.

Getting these emails out, in a visually appealing way, could help Chico State students want to read about what’s going on their campus.

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