Is it worth going out on Halloween Weekend?


Jack Lewis

Graphic made by Jack Lewis

Halloween in Chico has proven to be a massive hit among college students attending Chico State, yet in the midst of a pandemic and with people from out of town often bringing guns and knives, is going out this weekend worth it? 

I would argue that it can be, it simply depends on where you go and how many people will be attending a get together. Going to bars such as Riley’s or the Madison Bear Garden is always a safe bet, as long as you are willing to wait in long lines. Hosting or going to a small get together is always an option as well.

The issue with Halloween weekend in Chico, which students have affectionately nicknamed “Chicoween,” is the large parties and events that are certain to be held. I have already seen on several social media platforms flyers for parties that are planned throughout the city, with these parties attracting many people from all over Northern California who drive to Chico for the weekend.

This is an issue, as these “out of towners” may be COVID-19 positive and have the potential to spread it in our community. I know that personally, I will not be attending any large parties, as much fun as they may be. It’s not just that I am worried about COVID-19, but also the possibility of getting jumped by people roaming the streets who may have weapons on them.

Three years ago, Chicoween was a much safer experience to go out on, yet in the past few years it has gotten much more dangerous. I have personally experienced people trying to get into parties, becoming angry when they are told they cannot come in, and pulling out a gun or some kind of weapon. It is because of this threat, as well as the pandemic that these kinds of parties are not a smart move to attend.

On top of this, I know that most fraternities in the past few years have opted not to hold any kind of events, as the risk is simply too high. While this weekend may be different, I would imagine that greek life will continue this policy, or if they do choose to host something it will be something small, such as a grab-a-date. 

Another risk to keep in mind if you find yourself out and about this weekend are the numerous police that will be roaming the streets. Most of the arrests and citations that happen on Halloween weekend are due to alcohol, with minor in possession cases making up the bulk of what officers deal with.

Regardless of what your plans may be this weekend, it is important to stay safe and be smart in the choices that you make. At the end of the day, Halloween is about dressing up and having fun, which is more than doable even with the current state of the world. 

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