In First Interview since the Presidential Election, Bartiromo gives Trump a Free Pass


Jack Lewis

Graphic made by Jack Lewis

President Donald J.Trump hasn’t done a whole lot since losing the election. He’s largely moved from the Oval Office to the residency, sulking and asking aides and advisors if they believe he had the election stolen from him. While he has certainly been actively spreading false information on Twitter, he has not made an appearance or given an interview since election night.

That all changed Sunday morning when the president appeared on Fox News in an interview with Maria Baritromo. During the course of the 46-minute phone interview, Trump repeated his claims of mass voter fraud, Democrat tampering, glitches in the voting machines and whatever other outrageous lies he has been spreading the past few weeks.

Within the first minute of the interview, it was clear what the rest of the interview would consist of; nearly 45 minutes of a rambling president who cannot accept the knowledge of losing something and a host who wholeheartedly agrees with everything he says.

“Mr. President, you’ve said many times that this election was rigged, that there was much fraud, and the facts are on your side,” Bartiromo said. “Let’s start there. Please go through the facts. Characterize what took place.”

One thing I would like to make clear is that the facts are not on Trump’s side. From the get go it is clear that Bartiromo had zero intention of holding the President accountable for his lies, oftentimes agreeing with him and pushing him to explain more. For a president who needs to have himself justified and told he is right, this was the perfect interview.

“The election was a fraud, it was a rigged election,” the president said in response to Bartiromo’s question. It feels ridiculous to even have to write that there was no election fraud at this point, as even the Department of Justice, which Trump has often used as a political weapon, has stated it has found no evidence of voting fraud.

“This is disgusting and we cannot allow America’s election to be corrupted,” Bartiromo replied, agreeing with the president’s false claim of voter fraud.

Let that response sink in. It is absurd that a journalist such as Bartiromo, who has 25 years of journalism under her belt, would risk her entire career to further a politician’s blatantly untrue claims. Much like Rudy Guiliani, the president’s top lawyer who repeatedly has pushed claims of voter fraud, her career is now firmly tied to this false narrative.

“She (Bartiromo) is providing him a free platform to feed his base talking points uncontested. … This is propaganda,” CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter wrote in a tweet.

Propaganda is undeniably what this is. Bartrimomo is giving the president a platform to freely ramble on, not fact checking any of his statements and further spreading the misinformation plaguing our country. This is not true journalism, this is simply an excuse to give a lame duck president who cares about nothing else but personal victory a podium to address his base.

This is not a right versus left situation. This is not a Republican versus Democrat argument. This is a president openly lying and having a prominent reporter agree with him. The facts prove that Trump lost, yet for some reason it seems as though many are picking up his banner, adamantly shrugging off all evidence to agree with him.

The most frightening aspect of this is not that his base in general are rallying and eating up his false narrative, but that a once respected journalist would take up his cause and further allow what is clearly false information to spread to Americans across the nation.

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