Pop culture predictions for 2023

What obscure clothing will trend? What weird food will take over the internet? What celebrity will be canceled this year?

The year 2022 was a long and interesting year for us all. Wordle had us addicted, the Will Smith slap stunned the world, BeReal took a generation by storm and Messi brought the World Cup trophy home — an eventful ending to a chaotic year. Will this year be any less eventful? Probably not. Here are a few predictions from Chico State students.  

2000’s clothing will make a comeback 

Clothing trends become a hot, new topic then quickly become overlooked and forgotten once the next big thing comes around. It’s inevitable to resort back to our roots. Samantha Providence is a senior at Chico State and is majoring in business management. She commented on her own predictions for the year, “Low rise jeans, velvet tracksuits and wearing belly button piercings with charms on them will be this year’s trend.” 

The fashion industry moves at a fast pace. It seems like nostalgia will always bring the clothing we once despised back into fashion. So dust off your belly button piercings and low rise jeans. 

Real life conversations

Socialization might be a new trend this year. Having a human connection has turned into requesting a follow on Instagram and swiping right on Tinder. Emely Barraza, a senior at Chico State majoring in business and minoring in human resources, believes, “Talking to strangers will be more normalized. I think people are tired of fake connections.” Hopefully 2023 will be the year we look up from our phones, even just for a split second. 

Apps like BeReal will skyrocket

BeReal is an app that allows users across the globe to post one picture a day. Users get the notification at the same exact time as everyone else, however, in order to see everyones’ e post, the user must upload their own photo. This app requires users to be authentic, stripping away fake filters and showing the world how boring your day usually is. Ashley Bartlett, a senior at Chico State, hopes to become a teacher in the near future. Bartlett commented on her predictions for 2023: “I think people are tired of being perfect all the time, that’s why BeReal became so popular. I think other apps will try to mimic an authentic experience this year.” 

Rihanna will finally release an album 

It’s been seven years since Rihanna released an album. In 2017, she launched her Fenty Beauty line, followed by Fenty x Savage lingerie, yet there hasn’t been any sign of new music. It seems as if her focus remains on her business, yet the world is in need of her vocals. Isabella Gepilano, a senior at Chico State majoring in child development, commented on her predictions, “2023 will be the year she drops an album. I truly believe so. I’m manifesting this into existence!”. 

Rihanna will release music, low-rise jeans will make a return, and talking to strangers will be the next trendy thing to do. These are bold predictions, but anything is possible. If you have any predictions make sure to email The Orion!

Daisy Beltran can be reached at [email protected].