AS Elections: Owen Boggeln runs for commissioner of student engagement and advocacy


Associated Students of California State University, Chico

Owen Boggeln on campus. Photo courtesy of Associated Students of California State University, Chico.

Owen Boggeln, a second-year double major in history and humanities, is running for commissioner of student engagement and advocacy in the Associated Students general election.

Boggeln has had the opportunity to work as the director of the Workers’ Rights Program at the Community Legal Information Clinic.  There he had the opportunity to learn and help others regarding the rights of employees. 

Boggeln also works as a lifeguard at the Wildcat Recreation Center and believes having a student employee as the AS commissioner of student advocacy would benefit other student employees on campus.

Boggeln chose Chico for a multitude of reasons, including its proximity to outdoor destinations. 

Bidwell Park is a hidden gem of California and we’re only two hours away from some of the best whitewater rafting in the country. In addition to this, Chico has trees.” Boggeln said.

Boggeln does not plan to radically change the way things run. However, he emphasizes that he will advocate for AS employees stating, “Our voice deserves to be heard by government affairs.”

Boggeln is pushing for more on-campus events with better promotion.

“The work that students do deserves to be appreciated and celebrated. Like most, I want Chico State to be fun,” Boggeln continued.

Being involved in his high school’s student government gave Boggeln a taste for what it may be like at the college level, but his experience was altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Boggeln adds that he is “eager” to be invested in the student legislature in the coming years at Chico State.

Boggeln is an active history club member and enjoys participating in the Adventure Outings trips provided by the school.

His favorite memory at Chico State took place on an Adventure Outings trip kayaking on the  Trinity River. Boggeln said he wasn’t the most knowledgeable kayaker, but the lessons he took from the trip of getting back up and trying again and again gave him a sense of confidence, that changed his outlook. 

“I am incredibly grateful for Adventure Outings,” Boggeln said. 

 Owen Boggeln is actively promoting his campaign on Instagram @owenforcommissioner.

Owen Boggeln will be running against Chris Navarette and Itzel Saucedo Dominguez.

Voting will begin on April 4 at 8 a.m., and will end at 8 a.m. on April 5.

For more information on the AS general elections, go here.