AS Elections: Zackary Machado runs for college of agriculture student senator


Zackary Machado on campus. Photo courtesy of Associated Students.

Zackary Machado, a sophomore studying agricultural education, is running for college of agriculture student senator in the 2023 Associated Students general election.

Machado feels he can bring charismatic leadership and effective oversight to the college of agriculture by encouraging diversity in agricultural studies while also increasing the scope and capabilities of his department.

“With promoting diversity in agriculture, I would like to amplify the voices of students from various backgrounds and cultures to make sure that their accomplishments are heard and noticed,” Machado said.

To ensure his peers’ needs are met, Machado hopes to create a student feedback system that would allow for heightened discourse among students in what he warmingly describes as a “close-knit community.” 

Mirroring the ways in which he felt welcomed, Machado wants to forge strong interpersonal relationships between his faculty, his peers and himself.

“I also want to make it known that I want to be a person that students can confide in and connect with easily, so that we can create long lasting relationships,” he said. 

This election is not Machado’s first introduction to student politics. In high school, Machado was secretary of the associated student body, as well as taking on the roles of reporter and treasurer in his school’s Future Farmers of America chapter.

His administrative trend continues at Chico State, where he is the current inter-club council representative for the dairy and science industry club, a position that is “both an honor and a privilege” to hold.

“Through these positions, I have learned that leadership is not a title, but more of a mindset. Anyone can be a leader without a position, all it takes is motivation and determination,” Machado said.

With such leadership, Machado hopes to hold monthly meetings with adjoining clubs and organizations to increase the breadth of his department’s capabilities.

Aspiring to one day be an educator himself, Machado plans to bring a refreshing yet impactful presence to his department as a student senator, likely to one day reciprocate the warm reception he felt when he chose Chico. 

Reflecting on some of his fondest moments, Machado says, “I can implement this experience and practice into my future career.”

Zackary Machado will be running against Damon Gallegos and Enrique Rodriguez.

Voting will begin on April 4 at 8 a.m., and will end at 8 a.m. on April 5.

For more information on the AS general elections, go here.  

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