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The downfall to the addictive ‘smart drug’

Veronica De La Cruz

Believe it or not, it’s almost time for midterms.This becomes any student’s nightmare that has to cram in all the material they’ve learned so far.


This also makes it easier for students to rely on medication like Adderall to get their work done as quickly as possible.

Adderall is the medication prescribed to patients who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or as many know it, ADHD. It allows them to control the functioning of their frontal cortex, which is responsible for functions such as reasoning, planning, focusing and problem solving.

It becomes beneficial for students who have a perfectly normal functioning frontal cortex to want to get their hands on this drug, because it will result in a heightened sense of motivation, focus and concentration.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, researchers discovered that college students between the ages of 18 and 22 were twice as likely to use the drug for non-medicinal purposes as those that were not in college.

It’s understandable that the promise of a better GPA with less effort is the reason why so many college students are quick to try to find Adderall by all means necessary.

While the use of Adderall may not seem dangerous now, taking it once for a long night of studying can turn into a terrible habit of abusing drugs, not to mention the trouble one can get in for taking medication that isn’t meant for them.

Instead of having to take medication that they aren’t supposed to, college students should take an hour off of a busy college day to prevent having to rely on things like Adderall to get that good grade.

Veronica De La Cruz could be reached at [email protected] or @veronica_dlc on Twitter.

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