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University Police respond to library evacuation controversy

Chief John Reid of University Police. Photo credit: Natalie Hanson

Kimberly Morales

November 20, 2019

Student safety has been in the public eye, with two incidents involving a sudden, improvised evacuation in the Meriam Library and a suspicious message carved into the wall of a bathroom in the library.While both cases were deemed non-threats, students have been criticizing the communication Chico Sta...

Suspicious subjects and circumstances, continued thefts and assault

Photo credit: The Orion

Dan Christian

September 26, 2018

University Police Call Type: Suspicious Person Thursday 9:37 a.m., Bell Memorial Union Subject was harassing reporting party after he didn’t want to sign petition.Call Type: Theft Thursday 2:52 p.m., West 1st Avenue A laptop was reported stolen from the Physical Science building. The laptop was ...

Juvenile threatens violent action against school; police enforcing no-tolerance policy

Threats of a shooting at Chico High were reported, police say, from a juvenile who posed on Snapchat with a gun and said he might

Tisha Cheney

March 6, 2018

According to Chico Police, a Chico High student spread threats that he was prepared to shoot up his school on Feb. 23.According to the incident report, students claimed the juvenile came to class stating "This is the day I'm going to shoot up the school." The juvenile was confronted by faculty, searched,...

Student gets suspended for pulling out knife

Police blotter. Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Alejandra Fraga

February 6, 2017

Chico Police Department Call Type: Suspicious Subject Sunday, 4:10 p.m., Cedar Village Apartments Subject was yelling, screaming and running in the complex threatening other tenants. They left and then returned once again threatening tenants. Call Type: Domestic Dispute Sunday, 9:49 p.m., Forest Ave...

Police accuse 2 of vandalism, making threats

Hannah Suzuki

February 2, 2015

Two Chico residents were arrested by the Chico Police Department on Friday for car vandalism and making threatening statements with graffiti. According to police, the two individuals smashed the window of a parked car on 800 Pomona Ave. They also made a threat on a wall next to the car doo...

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