Fall semester secret to success

Julianna Eveland

Fall semester has never been one of my finest moments academically.

My studies have suffered in the fall ever since I was a first-year, and I think I’ve finally figured out why.

At first I thought it was just my personality. I’m not sure if I believe in all that astrology stuff, but I’m an Aries; born in the spring.

It could just be about the classes I happen to take in the spring versus the fall. I’m a happy person but I’ve found that weather really affects my motivation levels. Whatever it is, it’s time to carry that same sense of motivation into the fall semester.

My goal is to make it on the dean’s list this semester, and here is my plan to do so.

Constant diligence

I have some delusion that there will still be time to make improvements to my studies as the semester goes on.

The truth is, from the first day of class to the time of my last exam, I need to be giving it my all.

This means separating myself from socializing too much. I get really excited for the start of school to reunite with friends I haven’t seen all summer.

But this always trips me up, and I need to hit the ground running.

Then there’s Thanksgiving break. Spring break is the halfway mark for spring semester, but in fall, after Thanksgiving break, the semester is almost over.

There is no time for recovery after that, so all my ducks need to be in a row before leaving for the holiday.

Obligatory office hours

Establishing a relationship with my professors to get a better understanding of their expectations will be crucial.

Professors have a passion for what they’re teaching, and they like to know that a student cares about what they’re learning as well.

Getting to know my professors also helps me get a feel for what sort of person they are, and it gives me a chance to tell them what kind of person I am.

Weather the storm

Considering the drought, this may not be too much of an issue. But, rain or shine, showing up to class is a must.

I’m also mentally preparing myself to think of gloomy days as good book reading days, instead of sleep-and-do-nothing days.

Eye on the prize

It feels so good to finish off the semester with my head held high, knowing I did the very best I could.

When I’ve seen mediocre grades in fall semesters past, I’ve tried to tell myself I gave it my all, but in the back of my head I know there was more I could have accomplished.

It will be a very merry Christmas when I get the email notification that I’ve made it on the dean’s list.

Julianna Eveland can be reached at [email protected] or @janeca12 on Twitter.