Loud roommate? Study quietly in these spots

Allison Weeks

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Life can be a lot harder when you have a roommate who wants to party all the time.

Those of you going through this, have no fear. There are places outside your bedroom that will allow you to articulate your thoughts out loud and on paper.

Here are a few serene places on and around campus that will help you keep your sanity:

1. Third floor of the library.

This is the perfect place for any student who wants to be left alone to study in a quiet area because students on this floor are required to be silent. Cellphones must be turned off and lots of cubicles are spread out so that the person sitting beside you has no way of distracting you while you study.

2. The Naked Lounge

The Naked Lounge has a calm atmosphere that invites visitors to sit down on one of their cozy couches and get into their homework. The back room of the shop is an even better getaway because several walls seperate you from people  who are fumbling to decide what drinks they want. The coffee shop also sells eco-friendly blends at a reasonable price. You can access Wi-Fi with any purchase.

3. Starbucks Coffee on Esplanade

The Starbucks coffee shop located downtown is way too noisy and crowded to get work done. The Starbucks on Eighth Avenue and the Esplanade is the complete opposite. Whenever I have gone to study there in the past, hardly anyone was in the store — it was whisper-quiet. And there’s free Wi-Fi, of course.

4. Upper Crust Bakery

This place not only offers a peaceful study environment, but provides a selection of delicious treats for you and your friends. This coffeeshop also has huge tables you and five of your friends can fill up. And if you decide to study by yourself, there’s enough room to spread your books across the entire table.


Allison Weeks can be reached at [email protected] or @msallisonweeks on Twitter.

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