AS postpones vote for for statue funding

A $160,000 wildcat statue from the University of New Hampshire that the Associated Students is using as an example to illustrate the one they want to build for Chico State. Photo courtesy of the Associated Students.

Upset students took to Facebook last week in response to a proposal to install a wildcat statue on campus that could cost up to $300,000.

Following the negative feedback in the Facebook comment section of a previous Orion report, the A.S. postponed a vote to approve an additional $40,000 contribution from the A.S.

Instead, the Board Of Directors will be meeting Tuesday in BMU 205 at 4 p.m. to allow students to voice their opinion on how they feel about the project.

“In lieu of the comments that were posted below (the story),” Herren wrote in an email, “I actually made the decision to postpone the vote to allow students an opportunity to come and speak to us before we can make a final decision.”

Many students voiced concerns of whether the proposed funding could be spent on something better or more worthwhile.

“If they have money to blow, they could always put it into a mini-scholarship to help people who’re barely making their book bills which are astronomical with the schools always forcing the ‘next edition’ thing to prevent people from buying last years books,” wrote Jeremy Fabiano on the Orion’s Facebook page.

Another student said commenters were misinformed as to what the money could be spent on.

Chico State student Charles Curtis said the statue could bring school spirit to campus.

“I would agree we could use more school spirit,” he wrote on the Orion’s Facebook page. “If athletics, alumni, and the university is putting this much into it, I’m up for it. As long as it looks good.”

The A.S. had previously approved $10,000 toward the project while the following organizations donated:

  • $50,000, by the Alumni Association, $25,000 of which is from their Campus Beautification fund, a fund that designates money to improve campus aesthetics.
  • $10,000, by the athletics department.
  • $20,000, by the university.

Currently, there is $90,000 pledged to the statue fund.

The A.S. will be tabling this week on campus Tuesday through Thursday, so students can ask questions and share their comments and ideas with the officers, Herren wrote on the Orion’s Facebook page.

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