Health center celebrates 40 years of choice

Womens Health Specialists
Kimberly, Vanessa Church and Hannah Clause join the celebration of 40 years of choice. Photo credit: Gustavo Ornelas

Chico’s Women’s Health Specialist put on an event Friday night to celebrate 40 years of providing women’s healthcare and the 42nd anniversary of the Roe V. Wade supreme court ruling where abortion and birth control were legalized.

“We are all about giving women the power to make their own choice and there is no judgment,” said Hannah Clause, Outreach and Education Coordinator.

At this clinic they offer women many choices to meet there reproductive needs. They offer many birth control methods; the choice of abortion, and even provide an adoption service. They also offer sexually transmitted infection tests and other services for the men.

“40 years ago, it all started in Chico,” said Shauna Heckert, Executive Director for Women’s Health Specialist, “back then you could not find somewhere to provide these options, even though it was legal at the time.” Heckert wanted the clinic to be a safe place for women.

They celebrated last night with food, wine, drinks, music, and a silent auction.

There is only one nonprofit clinic that is run by women in California and that is right here in Chico.

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