Chico State celebrates National Pink Shirt Day in solidarity

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Mario Morales gives Ariel Kittredge, a junior at Chico State, her free shirt she won during the raffle outside of Kendall Hall. Photo credit: Brittany Mcclintock

On Wednesdays, Chico State students wear pink, well if that Wednesday falls on Feb. 25 like it did this year.

Feb. 25 is National Pink Shirt day, a day that is meant to bring awareness to those being bullied. The story behind the pink shirt is that a few years ago, a Canadian teen boy wore a pink shirt to school one day and got picked on for his fashion choice. The next day, the school all wore pink to class to defend the teenager.

News of the Canadian school swept America and started the campaign, National Pink Shirt day. This is the second year Chico State is participating in the campaign.

After the group’s picture was taken, they held a small raffle to pass out the remaining shirts.

Student leader of the program for Chico State is Mario Morales. He says he has a personal connection to bullying and that’s why he wants to stop it.

“Don’t be a bystander,” Morales said. “Speak up if you see it happening. Make it more visible.”

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