Freshman will spend 8 months at Disney World for program

Administration recreation major and freshman, Alex Fischer at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Photo courtesy of Alex Fischer.

Chico State student Alex Fischer was recently accepted into the Disney College Program. This upcoming summer Fischer will be interning at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida.

Her internship begins late May and continues into early January where she will be working and living in Walt Disney World.

“I will be a hospitality intern for the Disney College Program,” Alex Fischer, a freshman recreation administration major, said. “I’ll get to work a hotel front desk and get to do other tasks within the hotel.”

The Disney College Program offers many different specialized programs that students can choose from within the organization. As well as a paid internship, Fischer will get the opportunity to take college courses for credit through the university.

“I recently have decided to major in recreation administration and had always been interested in the Disneyland Parks and always had a passion for them,” Fischer said. “I realized I could turn that passion into a career and work for Disney.”

Fischer said her dream is to become the chairman of Disney Parks.

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