Bonding transforms teams into family

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Bonding transforms teams into family

Ben Marquez

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Team synergy is a big part of a successful season for most teams and welcoming new teammates and team leadership is very important to the cohesiveness of the squad.

There are always groups of players from any given team bonding with one another on campus, but what do these athletes do off the court and field to maintain a positive vibe throughout the team?

Derek Taylor, junior on the men’s track and field team, shows tons of school spirit with fellow team members during weekly sporting events.

“We try to attend every home game for women’s volleyball and men’s and women’s soccer,” Taylor said. “We paint our bodies, spelling out Wildcats and cheer on our team to a victory.”

This type of bonding within a team shows pride and joy of being a Wildcat and helps teammates feel like a part of the team no matter their class. With Chico State having such strong school spirit, these types of antics will help other athletes and students attend more events and bring a diverse crowd.

Amir Carraway, senior forward for the men’s basketball team, also encourages team bonding and making sure each teammate feels comfortable.

“We just did a video for Instagram called team spike ball, showing how we interact within our team when we fool around,” Carraway said.

Keeping the team loose and showing bonding time will encourage others to participate and not shy away from being in the spotlight on campus. Showing students that athletes are friendly and not just about winning, will spread a welcoming effect throughout the campus.

Kramer Runager, senior forward for the men’s soccer team, reveals a hilarious sing-along they make freshmen do on away games.

“Us seniors pick a song for the freshmen to sing on our road trips,” Runager said. “Last year we chose Adele’s ‘Someone Like You,’ which is a breakup song.”

These interactions bring better team synergy and brighten the team with laughter, making every teammate feel at home. If each player sees the team as a family, these bonding experiences will help the season go more smoothly and boost their confidence.


Ben Marquez can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_sports on Twitter.

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