Shooting on Nord Avenue

A shooting victim went to Enloe Medical Center moments after shots were heard on Nord Avenue. Photo credit: Brittany Mcclintock

According to a press release, Chico Police Department received phone calls around midnight on Friday that gunshots were heard on 700 Nord Ave. When police arrived to the scene, they didn’t find any disturbances at the location.

They called a local business owner to see if his cameras picked up anything. The feed report showed nothing out of the ordinary.

Minutes later, Enloe Medical Center checked in a victim with a non-life threatening gunshot wound.

When police tried to get any information on the incident, the victim’s friends refused to give a comment.

The actual victim however did tell police that he and his friends were walking down Nord Avenue when a car pulled up next to them and shot him. No other information was given to police.

Enloe Medical Center did not disclose anymore information due to their confidentiality policy.

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