Man suspected of attempted murder, arson taken to jail


Photo credit: Hannah Suzuki
Photo credit: Hannah Suzuki


Suspect in an attempted murder case, was transported to Butte County jail on May 5 and his bail is set at $1.3 million.

According to a press release sent out by the Chico Police Department, William Brianard faces attempted murder charges and arson charges.

On Feb 18, Brianard alledgedly set the front portion of an apartment complex on fire, right under the window of a sleeping child. The Chico Fire Department responded to the fire and after the investigation lead by the Chico Police Detective Bureau, they concluded that it was arson.

After much investigation, it is concluded that Brianard was alledgedly targeting the child because of a failed relationship with the mother.

The identity of the child is being kept hidden to protect them and the family.

Any further information about this case is asked to be given to the Chico Police Department at (530) 897-5820.

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