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  • Meet The Orions fall 2024 editorial board. Collage created by Ariana Powell on May 8 using Pixlr.


    Meet The Orion’s fall 2024 editorial board!

  • President Perez shaking the hand of Taylor Bisby as she receives her Masters degree. Taken by Jessica Miller on May 15


    Chico State celebrates Graduate Studies Commencement

  • Live from the World Contamination Tour. Photo taken by Penny Howle and courtesy My Chemical Romance.

    Arts & Entertainment

    An alt-girl’s origin story: emo beginnings

  • Photo credit: Diego Ramirez


    Congrats to The Orion graduates!

  • Chico State, David Stachura. Photo credit Chico State


    A final wrap up of Stachura

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Horoscope for October 11-18

Illustration by Miles Huffman Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Aries– Monday means a fresh start— time to forget any embarrassing things that may have happened over the weekend. With how much alcohol you consumed, you may have already forgotten. Start Monday off with a clean slate. Get organized, go to the gym or try eating healthier for a few days until the weekend rolls around.

Taurus– Surround yourself with people that make you feel like the special snowflake you are. Nothing is better than being in the hands of good company. Take a break from the stresses in your daily routine and plan some time with friends. A few laughs will be good for you.

Gemini– Lately you and your phone have been connected at the hip. You would rather document a moment on your phone than appreciate what’s in front of you. Nobody blames you; we all strive for that solid Instagram picture. But the next time you’re out doing something exciting, do it for you, not for the likes.

Leo– A new face will appear in your life, and they will leave a lasting impression. Whether it be a love interest, new friend or foe, they will spice up your life. When walking around campus, put your phone away and be aware of those around you. You never know where this encounter will take place.

Cancer– A lot of things are changing: the seasons, the weather, the colors of the leaves. Things may also be changing for you as well whether it be goals you once had or your style. Whatever it is, know that change is OK. If you want, change up your style, go shopping or try new things. Maybe the major you have now isn’t what you want anymore. Take a deep breath and know that college is a time for change and figuring out what makes you happy.

Virgo– Feeling sluggish? This week is a great time to start living healthier. Try planning out a gym schedule and start buying healthier foods. You, as well as those around you, will really start to notice a difference, and your body will thank you.

Libra– Feeling like you’re wasting your day? Go out and get a journal. This year may be coming to an end but it’s never too late to make a 2015 bucket list. Go out and do activities you’ve always wanted to try. Find new and exciting places to hike, and do more of what makes you happy.

Scorpio– This week brings good luck in your future. Maybe you’ve found a heads-up penny or avoided a black cat. Either way, you’ll start getting lucky. With this good fortune, do things that have higher risks, such as taking on a new project or talking to your crush.

Sagittarius– It’s time to be more spontaneous. To avoid getting into ruts, switch up your daily routine. Maybe go for a run in the morning or go out with friends on a Tuesday night. This week, spur-of-the-moment decisions will work out for you. You’ll appreciate this new, vibrant lifestyle.

Capricorn– Lately your expectations haven’t been being met. You think of scenarios in your head, and lately have been disappointed with the outcome. This week, try going with the flow. You’ll begin to see a drastic change in your mood.

Aquarius– This week brings a lot of positivity to your life. Your social life is active and seems to be getting stronger. Your love life will start breaking ground as well. Now is a great time to go out and meet new people and enjoy the friends you have. This is a great time in your life to have fun.

Pisces– Use the same enthusiasm you have about hitting the dance floor to hit the books. This week, your partner in crime is the library. To avoid everything piling up on Thirsty Thursday, set aside a good amount of time this week to get all your work done. Your weekend-self will thank you.

Megan Moran can be reached at [email protected] or @_babymegs on Twitter.

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