Women’s volleyball team loses 1-3 to UC San Diego

McKenna Carroll, sophomore kinesiology major, throws the ball up to serve. Photo credit: Ryan Pressey

The Chico State women’s volleyball team lost to the UC San Diego Tritons, three sets to one, increasing its losing streak to five on Nov. 7 in Acker Gym.

The loss brings the team to a conference record of 8-9 and season record of 16-11.

First Set

Chico State was able to score the first point of the first set, but before the team could celebrate, UC San Diego came back to top the ‘Cats 2-7, forcing head coach Cody Hein to call a time out. The ‘Cats tried to hang on, but UC San Diego ended up running away with the set with a final score of 25-13.

Second Set

The Wildcats led the second set, scoring the first point, but the Tritons kept stride with them and managed to keep the match tied at 5-5. UC San Diego broke away from the tie and scored six in a row, then continued on that momentum, bringing the team to a 25-12 win.

Third Set

The ‘Cats scored the first point of the third set and kept the set close as neither team managed to pull ahead. With the game knotted at a 9-9 tie, Chico State pulled ahead slightly by scoring twice in a row and slowly gained a comfortable lead. The ‘Cats built on their lead and won the set 25-21, bringing the game to 2-1 with UC San Diego in the lead.

Fourth Set

After making the set score 1-2, the ‘Cats hoped to mount a comeback, but UC San Diego began the fourth set by scoring twice in a row and continued to hold the lead until a Wildcat timeout. Chico State began to catch up, but the Tritons continued to hold the lead, winning the fourth set 25-20.

Key Players

Torey Thompson- 37 assists, 19 digs, 1 block

Olivia Mediano- 18 points, 11 digs

Shannon Cotton- 27 digs, 5 assists

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