Trump is here to help

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Every time I check in on social media I come across a new meme or video trying to ruin Donald Trump’s image. The amazing thing though is that as the media tries more and more to ruin his image, Trump still wins and becomes more and more popular. Even after he insults people and condescendingly calls Marco Rubio “little Marco,” or tells Mitt Romney that he is a “choke artist,” he rises in the polls and beats Rubio in his own state.

I’m choosing to support Trump not to be bold or get a rise out of people, but because I believe he truly is better than the other candidates.

Most of Trump’s friends and employees are loyal to him. Trump may not be the most politically correct person in the running, but at least he is honest, which is more than I can say about the other candidates. Besides, I don’t want to pick my leader based on who is the best-spoken. I want my leader to have the best plan and policies.

Let’s take a look at some of his policies:

  • Immigration: As most people know Trump plans on building a wall between the United States and Mexico. The intention here is not to disconnect from Mexico, but to establish border control. Trump emphasizes the fact that crossing the border will be accessible. Trump also talks about banning Syrian refugees from entering the United States. This ban is only temporary, and is only a safety precaution after the crisis that has been going on in Europe. The important thing to know is that Trump has Americans’ best interests in mind.
  • Environment: Firstly, Trump does not support pollution. Although the environment isn’t a huge part of his platform, Trump would like to cut EPA spending. Mainly because he doesn’t like federal agencies and would like a smaller government.
  • Economy: Although Trump is a part of the top 1 percent, most of his policy on trade deals with Mexico and China is aimed at helping the middle and poor classes.

In 2015 we had a trade deficit with China of over $700 billion due to free trade policies from paid-off politicians. The tariffs and cover charges Trump wants to implement would encourage corporations to bring that money back to the states and create jobs.

Trump also notices how immigration can hurt the economy. For example, Trump proposes a higher pay wage for foreign workers in order to discourage places like Facebook and Disney from importing cheap labor. This not only helps pay wages and brings money from the top down, but also helps job growth.

What I would like to emphasize is that Trump isn’t really as tyrannical as social media makes him out to be, and most of his policy that people claim is aimed at hurting America is actually in America’s best interest.

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