A guide to prepping for chicoween


Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays at Chico. There’s plenty of treats to go around, but there’s also a few important tricks to master.

Although Halloween falls on a Monday this year, do not be fooled, the party will go on. Here at Chico State, we are known for dedicating an entire weekend to celebrating Halloween and I expect this year to be no different.

Here are five steps to ensure your Chicoween 2016 is one for the books.

1. Get into the spooky spirit

It’s important that before Halloween rolls around people get into the holiday spirit. Fall is the perfect time for carving pumpkins and indulging in anything pumpkin spice flavored.

Putting on old Disney Channel movies like “Hocus Pocus” and “Casper the Friendly Ghost” is a must. It’s the only time of year people can’t judge for it, so take advantage.

Makeup wearers can experiment with more dramatic looks or play pranks on roommates.

These things combined are sure to get anyone in the spooky spirit right before the big weekend.

2. Decorate on a budget

Covering front yards in creepy Halloween decorations can be costly.

But it can also be really fun and quite affordable with a little planning. Residents of Chico are lucky enough to live in apartments with patios, houses with front lawns and dorms where at least decorating the doors are allowed.

These are all great locations for throwing on fake spider webs, green goo or a talking skeleton.

On a budget, all these items can be found at places like the 99 Cent Store and The Dollar Tree.

So get together with some friends, set a budget and get to decorating.

3. Planning ahead


You may not know exactly whose party you will be attending, but it’s a good idea to at least know what part of town you will be in and with who.

Plan transportation accordingly as Halloween weekend in Chico is relatively cold. As much fun as walking around in that little mermaid costume, all night might be, having a friend drive can be easier.

A designated driver is going to be more efficient and comfortable than running across Chico.

The buddy system might seem childish but on a night where people get lost or stranded, it’s a necessity. Planning out the travel and destinations gives a significantly higher chance of avoiding tragedies.

4. Costumes

Costumes are the biggest part of Halloween.

Originality won’t be found in a Harley Quinn costume or Donald Trump hair piece, so making a personalized costume can provide much-needed uniqueness to the streets of Chico.

Orienting a costume for the Chico State experience can make a person stand out. Whether it’s Willie the Wildcat or just the school logo, originality beats the $20 fake hair or short skirt.

5. Get your priorities in order

Chicoween can be a major setback academically for people who choose to party first and study second. Choosing to get ahead before the holiday can give time to rest and recover after the night of partying.

The experience at Chico State might not be complete without celebrating Halloween weekend, but it’s important to be safe and smart about the decisions that are made.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

Mina Marjanovic can be reached at [email protected] or @marjanovicmina6 on Twitter.