Rightfully marching on


Thousands of people gathered in the Chico City Plaza to protest Trump and promote women’s rights. Photo credit: Jovanna Garcia

Susan Whaley

If no one in history ever stood up for equal rights or against the government not serving each citizen then we wouldn’t have a country worth fighting for.

It doesn’t matter what side you are on, Democrat or Republican, everyone wants America to be a better country.

Speaking up for injustice is rooted deep in our country’s history. One day, protesters will make a change. Just like the Tea Party. Just like the abolitionists. Just like every American being able to vote.

You are part of the problem when you pretend everything is fine because you are not directly affected by it.


We still have a lot of work to do in this country when it comes to social justice and a better government, but without the first steps from the history makers, we wouldn’t have a foundation.

Donald Trump is the new president, we get that. But the marchers can put pressure on him to show him they want to change. Everyone wants a better America and not the man who campaigned during election season with misogynistic hate rhetoric.

Both men and women joined in on the marches throughout the country. All marchers have a slightly different reason why they are involved, but the message is the same: unity and equality.

No, it was not about women hating men. No matter how many times that is used to spin the gender equality movement, it won’t ever be true.

Of course, there are the outliers who give a peaceful protest a bad rep. But that could be said for any cause and any movement. Just like Trump voters don’t all want to be associated with the KKK.

It also was not about women marching to get abortions, or being a “sore loser” or because Hillary lost the election. It wasn’t even a Democrat versus Republican issue.

Wearing “pussy hats” is not offensive or childish. If you are offended by a vagina, I advise you to start being offended by bigger issues such as rich white males in office making laws for women.

The protestors were representing the critical issues that people have overlooked, such as the Affordable Care Act, which made women pay a fair amount for health coverage.

These are rights that are being threatened with Trump as the new president.

Everyone has a voice, and the peaceful protest across the U.S. took advantage of that. People aren’t mad about the election, they’re scared for what is to come. By utilizing the voice of the people and sticking together as a community, we can prevent being stripped of our rights.

The marchers understood that and that is why they took to the streets.

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