Chasing dreams after clocking off

Fire and Ice by Osho Brown 
(unreleased) Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues

Fire and Ice by Osho Brown (unreleased) Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues

Jordan Rodrigues

The glaring downside to being a creative is the day job. After a long workday, a lyricist comes home. Exhausted. Then begins the real work: music.

Daevon Brown, also known as Osho, is a 21-year-old local recording artist that creates lucid feelings through different melodies that he layers over his beats.

Osho started rapping at the beginning of 2015 and hasn’t stopped releasing new music since.

While he is a young creative who is chasing his dreams, Osho still has to live in reality. After he works all day – sometimes multiple shifts – he comes home to begin working on his dreams. He gets lost in his own world, sometimes only coming out of his creative stupor when the sun comes up the next morning.

Cash Talk with Osho Brown Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues

At random times of inspiration, studio supplies are necessary. Backwoods, gin, juice and snacks power Osho to the wee hours of the morning while he knocks out three to five songs at a time.

He also inspires his friends to pick up more creative hobbies, forming a posse of like-minded people. The future is bright for the young rapper from the “Valley of the Buttes.”

Osho Brown gave us a peak into his everyday routine, once he’s done handling his priorities.

Are you affiliated with any music groups?

Where are you from? Meaning, which city would claim you if you shot to fame?
Born and raised in the Valley of Buttes.

When did you start getting serious about composing music? Because I know you produce some of your own songs too.
The top of 2015. I had just moved to San Diego after my first year of college in Sacramento. I made a studio in my garage and got cooking.


Osho Brown shows the light side of who produces those dark, vulgar raps. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues

What is your sound described in three words?
Shadows. Vibrant. Left.

What is your usual subject of choice when rapping?
Anything real. I can be talking about love, but I won’t feed you a B.S. story. You’re gonna get the gruesome, vulgar details about Jessica cheating on Derek with his twin brother.

What is your inspiration with music making? What gives your music purpose? Some of the lyrics are very deep and relatable. In a sense people have been through similar situations.
Life is an inspiration, as well as death. To have had, and to have lost.

Favorite rapper besides yourself?
Kurt Cobain cause he’s G.O.A.T.

Who is the most influential human being to you, and why does he/she influence your everyday living?
Kurt Cobain. Because he wanted normalcy, but fought it.

Do you have any projects, shows or special features coming to the near future?
Something’s brewing…

You can find more of Osoh’s music on his Twitter and on SoundCloud.

Jordan Rodrigues can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_arts on Twitter.