Horoscopes for the week of 9/7/2017 Photo credit: Roberto Fonseca

Aries – It’s officially high season for romance. Between now and September 23, you could meet someone who brings out your best and makes you even better than that. For you to commit—either for business or pleasure—you must feel a sense of limitless possibilities and have endless room to expand.

Taurus – What do you want to be known for over the next six months? Where does your competitive edge lie? This eclipse gives you a head start. Dive into your ambitions and you could see your name on the marquee or in the media before 2017 is through.

Gemini – If you’re in a relationship, stock the shared calendar with cultural activities, road trips and other play dates. Single and looking? Aim strictly for people who love watching you cut loose and encourage more of it. As you’ve no doubt learned, dimming your lights to help others shine is a lose-lose proposition. Just be full-on Gemini for the next few weeks and you’ll see who your true allies are.

Cancer – There could be some surprising reunions this week too. Reconnect with pals from your past; revive a joint venture for a successful round two. Alas, this retrograde could be a bit of a double whammy when it comes to your words.

Sagittarius – Get out and socialize together with friends. Sports, discussion groups and general revelry can help you bond big time. You could become the reigning royals of the scene before the summer is officially through. Over the next few weeks, single Sagittarius could meet a mate at a group hang or through the introduction of mutual friends.

Aquarius – A text from an ex could pop up on your phone, perhaps not an old flame you’re eager to stoke. Yet if you can’t keep your hands off this slippery devil, don’t make plans to meet for coffee and get “closure.” More likely than not, you’ll just be reopening some old drama. Jealousy, lust and control could creep into existing relationships. Avoid it.

Scorpio – You could make a fateful connection via Facebook, maybe with someone you’ve been following for a while or met once or twice before. Do password protect all your important data, and back it up to the cloud to avoid any mishaps. Got a web venture in the works? This tech-savvy eclipse could spur an online project into motion.

Leo – Fortunately, moneymaking opportunities heat up on Thursdays. Hello, economic stimulus plan! Your earning powers are activated, so sit down and map out your cash goals for the rest of 2017. The seeds you plant this week could blossom beautifully over the coming six months.

Virgo – Keep your wallet on lockdown. From capsule collection couture to vintage armories with perfectly peeling paint, you’ll be quite the treasure hunter. But before you give in to the urge to splurge, make a budget. It’s all too easy to blow a rent check on fineries with Venus fogging up the lens. Get creative too. If funds are limited, organize a clothing swap with your fashionable friends or sell something on eBay to make the cash for your over-the-knee boot addiction.

Libra – August was a bad month for you. The universe’s Plan B might bring you more joy than you realize! Instead of mapping out every last detail, get psyched about the mysterious unknown. A path that can only be revealed if you let go of control. If you’ve had a juice cleanse on your mind or want to kick an unhealthy vice to the curb, this is the week to get that vitamin-laden party started.

Capricorn – Join coworkers for happy hour and confide a few more personal details with your trusted professional contacts. You might even discover a common passion with one of your colleagues, like macrobiotic cooking or indoor rock climbing. Socializing in this way is not “unprofessional.”

Pisces – Don’t be surprised if the ghosts of lovers past reappear this week. Your ex could start liking all your Facebook posts or shamelessly Snapchatting you between now and September 22. And while enough time may have passed to think, “Maybe we CAN be just friends,” tread ever so lightly with such experimentation. Feelings may fade but they never totally go away.

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