Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Aries – Whether you care to admit it or not, you love when people take note of your singular originality. You pretty much live in a league of your own, Aries, and like it that way. You also understand that getting attention requires a little bit of shock value at times, another tactic you don’t mind deploying. Go ahead: Bend the rules and push a few buttons in the name of creating some long-overdue change. You’re the one who will wake people up from their complacency this week. You could also get a surge of motivation to tackle one of your bigger personal goals. Screen out the rest of the world and develop away.

Taurus – Watch for communication clashes at the office this week! This one falls in Libra and your sixth house of daily work, so you could find yourself locking horns with colleagues. If you can’t seem to get on the same page about a project, consider calling in a mediator. Everyone’s going to have to compromise to get this mission back in motion. Take note of your stress levels, too—um, before you raise your hand and volunteer to take on another duty or assignment. Have you noticed just how much has piled up on your plate lately, Taurus? Do the damage control and call for reinforcement.

Gemini – Who are the people in your entourage? Early this week, your circle could get a shakeup, courtesy of a conjunction between the moon and change-maker Uranus. While you adore the iconoclasts, eccentrics and thought leaders of the world, some of them may be lacking in the sensitivity chip department. Intellectual repartee can only stimulate you so much. If there isn’t an emotional connection to accompany it, you could turn cold. While you don’t have to excommunicate people from your friend group, shuffle the borderline narcissists to the back burner. Then, give the mutually supportive peeps more of your time and attention—yes, even if they aren’t the winners of the cooler-than-thou competition.

Cancer – Thinking on your feet and responding swiftly to situations can really help you get ahead. You may suddenly find yourself in a leadership position or tasked with a project that feels a tad out of your league. There are other options besides faking it ‘til you make it. Team-spirited Uranus reminds you to reach out to your social network, or to outsource the tasks that suck your time and stress you out. Remember, Crab: Taking charge doesn’t mean doing it all by yourself. Tap into technology, too. A time-saving app or new software can help you get the job done so much faster.

Sagittarius – Early this week, you’ll be quite the romantic renegade. Your heart will have the loudest say, even if your desires defy what seems logical on paper. Attraction crackles with someone unconventional who marches to the beat of their own drum. Enjoy the sexy sparks but don’t read TOO far into it. This might not get farther than a fiery flirtation or a fall fling. Just enjoy the way it lights you up even if you never put a ring on it. Coupled? Bring more playful electricity into your bond. Pick up a pair of concert tickets and make a reservation at a lively restaurant. A little shock value can go a long way—provided you don’t utterly embarrass your mate. Keep the fur-lined cuffs on the nightstand or slip into some new lingerie as a surprise for the after party! Have fun playing with your style.

Aquarius – Flex those butterfly wings, Aquarius. Early this week, you’ll feel the urge to rev up your social life. Gather the tribe before everyone slips into early hibernation mode and get some events on the calendar. From inspirational author lectures to yoga intensives to weekend workshops and retreats, you’re the best one to carry the organizer’s baton. Or maybe you’ll just keep it simple with a standing weekly happy hour, trivia or karaoke night for your ever-expanding crew. Seeking kindred spirits? Check out a community service group this week or an online forum for people who share your quirkier interests.

Scorpio – Eagle eye, activated! The devil is in the details early this week, Scorpio, and your sharp attention is needed. Chaos may ensue, but think of yourself as the eye of the storm: How levelheaded and calm CAN you stay in the face of other people’s freak-outs and ratcheted stress levels? You set the tone and people will follow your lead. As you search for logical solutions, forget about cutting corners or waving things off as “no big deal.” Those little things count, big time. Heck, they could be deal breakers in certain situations. So if you see something, say something—yes, even if you risk coming off as fussy or critical. Although it’s never fun to call out the fuchsia elephant in the room, people will thank you later for saving them time, money or a costly misstep.

Leo – Should you speak the unvarnished truth, Leo—or hold it in so as not to offend? This week, strive for a middle ground. Monday features an electrifying union of the moon and rabble-rouser Uranus in Aries and your call-it-like-I-see-it ninth house. You could be struck by illuminating insights and white light realizations that day. But acting upon them would be a misstep: The moon can make you quite emotional while Uranus’ influence can be rash. Give yourself a few days to process the feelings that arise. By the weekend, you’ll be glad you didn’t escalate to a code orange, even if you DO wind up addressing the elephant in the room after all!

Virgo – Got secrets? Look out, Virgo, because they could come spilling out. It might be YOU who pries the lock off that chamber or blurts out your biz in an “open mouth, insert ankle boot” gaffe. Maybe it’s all for the best. After all, the truth shall set you free. But rather than waiting for a sharp comment to fly out of your mouth, schedule time for a private heart-to-heart to discuss an issue that’s been eating away at you. Dialogue is always better than ruminating, especially for your, er, analytical sign. Relationships can get a little intense under this transit, not to mention surprisingly sexy.

Libra – Think you have a type? Guess again, Libra. Opposites attract. Keep your mind open when networking, chatting up party-goers or canvassing for romantic chemistry. Wandering outside the bounding radius of your inner circle could bring fascinating clicks. Although your entourage might not understand your interest in a certain person gaining their approval is not the point. Interacting with intriguing iconoclasts helps you view the world through a refreshing new lens.

Capricorn – All is not quiet on the Capricorn homefront as the week starts off. Heck, you might just want to install a revolving door. Have the wine and cheese ready when your girl texts, “I’m 2 blocks away from your apartment. U home?” Or, be proactive and host a dinner party early in the week. Some Caps could get on a rearranging spree, moving furniture around and setting up your home in a more useful configuration. But careful not to bite off more than you can chew with these missions. You’ll run out of patience before the week is half through.

Pisces – Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Take time outs to stroll through the fall foliage; meet friends for a pot of tea instead of a prix fixe brunch. Treat yourself to an affordable votive version of your favorite candle to light at your desk while you work. Place one fresh flower in a pretty bud vase on your desk. Little indulgences will light your fire without bringing financial stress.