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  • Photo taken by Molly Myers on Sept. 3, 2023 downtown across from where the Farmers Market is held.


    Abandoned shoes in Chico: photo series

  • Left side of table, Jenna McMahon, Nathan Chiochios and Jessica Miller sit with, on the right side front to back, Callum Standish, Molly Myers, Nadia Hill, and Grace Stark at  Estom Jamani Dining Commons. Photo taken April 29 by a kind employee at the dining hall.


    The Orion tries the dining hall

  • Both faculty members’ and students’ mental health are suffering due to a lack of support at Chico State and across the California State University System. Photo by Vie Studio on Pexels.


    Faculty, students’ mental health continue to suffer

  • Thanks to horror films, some names have been ruined ... or made cool. Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels.

    Arts & Entertainment

    Names horror films have ruined … or made cool

  • Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate. Photo courtesy of NEON.

    Arts & Entertainment

    He said, she said: ‘Immaculate’

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Orionscopes for the first week of October. Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Aries – That is the grand theme of the week for you, Aries. Get ready to do some serious negotiating as you redraw boundaries and figure out how much you really want to share. A relationship may suddenly feel suffocating, causing you to flee for the hills in the name of liberation. Careful not to burn any bridges behind you though! Your temper could seriously get the best of you early this week, but you’re likely to regret any rash and fiery words that come flying out of your mouth.

Taurus – So, how about a happy medium? Be a healthy hedonist this week, Taurus. Enjoy the things that make you happy in moderation, with a clear sense of where your limits lie. In some cases, letting life get a little bit messier can pave the way for growth. Consider it field research in the name of discovering new magic powers and frontiers. Try new things, even if you have no clue what the outcome will be, or if you’ll even like it to begin with. With that said, this is not the time to play with fire when it comes to addictions and toxic relationships.

Gemini – This week, you’ll be searching for passionate, meaningful exchanges with people who view the world from a visionary’s lens. If you’ve been suffering through interactions with stuffy, boring drones — or people who simply don’t inspire you quite enough— do a 180. Go seek more rewarding social stimulation elsewhere, among the artists, freethinkers, and change-makers of the world. But take note: while you may be wowed by a “fascinating” new crowd, make sure these people have enduring qualities to go along with their fabber-than-thou credentials.

Cancer – Your emotional intelligence has always been one of your greatest strengths. So what if you want to lead with a compassionate heart rather than an iron fist? That doesn’t mean people will walk all over you. But if they are, Tuesday’s stars could bring some much-needed backbone to stand up for yourself and put the bullies in check. When someone tries to test you, don’t get sucked into the emotion ocean. Calmly set the record straight and be prepared to repeat yourself like a broken record until they realize that you aren’t budging.

Sagittarius – This week, even if a few eyebrows are raised. If you’ve been flying under the radar in a group, it’s time to let your larger-than-life personality take the wheel. People will enjoy watching you shine, especially if you bring your entertaining humor and refreshing candor to the party. But maybe you’ve already monopolized the spotlight with this crew. You could do this by making a fabulous introduction or posting a glowing Tweet with a link to this person’s work.

Aquarius – You love to explore and exchange cutting-edge ideas and philosophies. As you find your tribe of fellow unicorns, you could make a swift departure from a group of people who insist on doing things the “normal” or “logical” way. (Booooring.) But, a pitfall of this planetary face-off is that you could get a little dogmatic or preachy about your beliefs. Ah, the paradox: if you aren’t careful you could wind up being the open-minded person who is actually totally closed off to anyone who dares to disagree. Also, beware the trap of oversharing. Every inside joke, mood swing, or annoyance at the grocery store checkout girl doesn’t have to be turned into a Tweet or status update.

Scorpio – You could hit a real wall with your solo routine. Or, someone you’ve been counting on could go MIA, leaving you floundering and vulnerable. Instead of pushing, forcing and exhausting yourself by doing more, embrace the community spirit. Allies are all around you, Scorpio. People who can help you go further, faster, if you’d only reach out. Post a status update or join a group that gathers around common issues.

Leo – Jump into that discussion group, download those documentaries, and head to the metaphysical bookstore. You might even try a little bibliomancy: open to a random page in a book and let the words written there be the divination for your day. Your interest in humanitarian issues is piqued, as well as the spiritual realm. We wouldn’t be surprised to find you reading up on neuroscience either. But go easy on that truth serum when talking to other people. There’s no need to batter people with their shortcomings or hold up such a harsh mirror in the name of “tough love.”

Virgo – You’re sexy and you know it, Virgo: But does that power make your prim sign a bit nervous too? This week’s stars help you connect to your own divine magnetism, in a way that feels right for you. Your allure will be off the charts, which comes in handy for both romantic and professional pursuits. Use that charm selectively though, and make sure you actually WANT to be in partnership with people before you start winning them over. You actually run the risk of leading people on. That said, if you want the click to stick, you’ll have no problem finding people with staying power.

Libra – Hello, relationship rebel? A once dynamic duo could start to feel a bit suffocating early this week, or you could see your partner’s “flaws” in stark 3-D. If you’ve been going along to get along, that people-pleasing habit could blow up in your face. While you’re justifiably frustrated, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. It’s YOUR job to speak up for what you need and say no to requests that aren’t in sync with your soul. Perhaps you’ve stretched a little too far in the name of keeping a love affair, friendship, or business relationship peaceful.

Capricorn – Bring a little more heart and soul into your work this week, Capricorn. When there’s a goal to accomplish, you will steadily push through to the finish line with unwavering focus. But where the joy in that? How about organizing a happy hour or an icebreaker luncheon if there are a lot of new faces at the office? You might even take it upon yourself to make the company breakroom more comfortable with better lighting and chairs, cool magazines, and other accouterments.

Pisces – Keep the capture tool handy: a flood of ingenious ideas could pour in early this week, ones that spell money in the bank. With techie in the frame, they might even involve developing an app, setting up an Etsy store, or creating a revenue-generating website or downloadable product. If you’ve been suffering through the 9-5 grind, start researching ideas for passive income like investing in real estate, a networking marketing business, or a job that pays commissions or royalties.

Roberto Fonseca can be reached at [email protected] or @rjfonseca13 on Twitter.

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