Chico council votes to regulate the use of marijuana


The council meeting discussed details on the sale of marijuana. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Chico City Council voted 4-3 to pass a city ordinance strictly regulating the use, sale and growing of marijuana Tuesday night.

Ordinance 19.75 prohibits commercial cannabis activity, sets up a permitting process for indoor personal grow only and prohibits use within designated areas of the city.

Councilwoman Ann Schwab voted against the ordinance and said, “64 percent of voters in Chico voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana and now we are criminalizing something…that is criminal.”

Councilmen Randall Stone and Karl Ory stood with Schwab.

Mark Sorenson, who voted for the ordinance, believes that the City should play it safe and see what happens saying that Chico can always revise. He cited the consequences jurisdictions face that legalized sales as a reason to enforce the ordinance. However, he did not specify any specific consequences.

The city ordinance becomes effective 30 days after the vote.

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