Reviewing thrift stores in Chico


Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Chico State students trying to live on a budget need to check out the world of thrift stores. They offer used or clearance clothes, furniture, books and more for a discounted price, saving students some serious cash. However, it is sometimes hard to seek out the best thrift stores and the ones that are convenient for students financially and locationally.

The Shop of the American Cancer Society

This thrift store has weekly discounts between 25 percent and 75 percent off and it gives ten percent off for birthdays. The only downfall is that it isn’t close to campus and it might not have everything you are looking for. However, its proceeds go to helping cancer research and victims.


Butte County Habitat for Humanity ReStore

This thrift store sells doors. They sell washing machines. Yes, you read that correctly. In addition to providing house appliances for a discounted price, all its proceeds go to supporting the Habitat for Humanity. Although a great store, perhaps not the best for students. It doesn’t have student discounts and is far from campus. Still, it might be the only thrift store in town where you can buy a new door.

Salvation Army Thrift Store

This thrift store is expensive but is closing at the end of November (broadway location), so all its items are 40 percent off. It also has weekly discounts on certain items between 25 and 75 percent off, there are better thrift stores. It is also a bit far from campus.


This store is a classic and one of the cheapest. It is a bit far from campus, unorganized and doesn’t have student discounts. However, on Black Friday and December 26 they have 50 percent off everything. Great for buying used jackets, finding original pieces of clothing and buying candles at $2 to $5.


Discovery Shoppe

This thrift store is close to campus and gives all the money it makes back to the community of Chico and Butte County. However, it doesn’t have any discounts. It doesn’t, however, have half off tags on items and is organized and clean. 50 cent clothing deals? Sign me up. Get all your Hawaiian shirts here.

Thrifty Bargain

This is a go-to thrift store. It is a bit unorganized and can get crowded, but on Thursdays everything is 50 percent off. I once bought five sweatshirts for $8. The only other problem is that this store is not close to campus.

Hal Thrift Store

This thrift store has recently changed into a thrift food store. It has only been open for a month but is already very popular with students. I am an advocate for discounted grocery stores like Grocery Outlet, but the problem is it’s not close to campus. Hal Thrift is right around the corner of Chico State and is promising student discounts in the future. Win win.

Thrift Queen

This is going to be an unpopular opinion but I don’t like this thrift store. The only upside to this store is that they are close to campus and have unique items. The stuff is overpriced and the store is the most unorganized store I have ever seen in my life. It does offer some discounts but they are not worth it. I have tried to shop here during the stores hours and have found it closed for no reason multiple times. I have a perception that this store takes advantage of students, making them believe it is the best thrift store in town when it is not. Save your time and your money.



This store is really close to campus which is great and offers 15 percent off with a student id. However, I have never really found anything that I liked here and some of the prices are a bit expensive for a thrift store. I have come in here a couple times and was treated rudely as well. Still, people rave about this store and it does have very unique items.

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