Wildcat of the week – Corey Silverstrom


Wildcat’s guard Corey Silverstrom Photo credit: Courtney Chapman

Corey Silverstrom is a senior guard on Chico State’s mens basketball team. Going into his final season with the Wildcats, Silverstrom has been explosive on the court on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Silverstrom is second in scoring and 3-pointers while averaging over 15 points per game. Silverstrom recently became the 18th Wildcat to score 1,000 points and looks to finish out the season strong for the ’Cats.

Q: When did you start playing basketball and what did you love about it?

A: I started playing when I was four years old. I had a brother who was in middle school and it was really him that made me love the game. We would go to the park together and do everything together. I wanted to be my big brother and that’s what he was doing at the time. We had that bond and that’s what made me really start my love for it.

Q: What are your personal goals in regard to this season and continuing on to the next level of basketball?

A: Winning the CCA Conference Championship is always a goal. I would obviously love to be the Conference MVP, but if that happens it happens, if not then it doesn’t. I have dreams and goals of playing in the NBA as well as overseas in the top leagues over there. I believe I can play the game at the highest level.

Q: I hear you’re a part of the big gaming community that has developed on the team. Tell me a little about that?

A: Ya, me and Justin Briggs. We hop on the PS4 and play Call of Duty or Fortnight together. Isaiah Ellis and I have been on a lot with Isaiah Brooks, the young little freshman. It brings a lot of the freshmen together with the team. I’m sure all the freshmen play some type of video game, but I would say me, Isaiah Ellis, Justin Briggs and Isaiah Brooks would be on it the most.

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